Anonymous Web Searching!

How many web searches have you done today? This week? This month How about over the past year? Probably a bunch, and most of you probably use Google as your search engine. Why not, Google has everything! Frankly, they really have revolutionized the way people work on the internet!

But with all of the press about data security and NSA snooping, ever wonder if all of your web searches are anonymous? I mean, sometimes we search for things that others might think are a bit strange (or weird) don’t we.

We all clear out our browsing history (at least we should). We also clear out our “caches” (again, at least we should! We delete cookies and other temporary internet files, we run scans for malware and viruses and some of us even defrag and optimize our PCs – bit what about your SEARCH HISTORY?

Yes, you can delete your Google search history, but I have discovered a very nice, simple and ad free alternative…

This is a very cool and unique search engine that I now use exclusively and you know what – NO MORE ADS EITHER! If you would like to experience a simple, easy and safe way to search, go to their site and check it out! It’s amazing what privacy fells like once again!

Do yourself a favor and check it out!


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